Lease Length

Why is Rent Perfect's lease longer than most leases?

Here at Investigative Screening Company, we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to keep your investment as protected as you can. We have created a lease option for Rent Perfect; in that lease, we have pages of information to keep you as protected as possible while renting out your investment. We purposely made this lease longer than average, because we want you to have the best legal protection for all the possible scenarios that could go wrong during your applicant's tenancy. Our lease covers many important items such as: missed rent, various damages, mold, criminal behavior, and noise. This lease was created by our in-house attorney to ensure that you will have as much coverage as possible in the event of a complication with your tenant. Trust us, when you are sitting at the courthouse with a tenant fighting their eviction, you're going to be very grateful this lease covered so many components.

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