How to Terminate a Rent Perfect lease agreement

How can I legally terminate a lease in my Rent Perfect account?

A landlord and tenant may agree to terminate a lease early for various reasons. Rent Perfect provides the option to sign a lease termination agreement through the system. All parties must agree to sign the termination agreement for it to be legally binding.

Follow these steps to initiate the lease termination process:

1. Go to the Leases or View Reports screen and find the tenant's name. 

lease termination 1

2. Click "View details" under the tenant's lease information. ( You will find this button to the left of the "signed lease" button. 

3. Click the green button "Request to terminate lease."

lease termination 2
lease termination 3

4. Sign the termination agreement.

5. The tenant will receive a notification regarding the termination request. They must then log in at to sign the termination agreement.

6. The termination agreement will be added to the end of the original signed lease.

Reach out to the Rent Perfect team at 877-922-2547 if you have any questions.

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