Video: How to Setup and Manage Payments Due

How do I setup the payment details to request payment from my tenant?

Watch the tutorial video below and follow the steps below to setup payment details for a tenant.  

1. Click the My RentPay icon on the home screen.

2. Click "Manage RentPay" under a tenant's name.

Need to add a current tenant to the system? Click RentPay invite at the top of the screen: click here for a tutorial.

3. Click "Setup Payment" to setup a payment that is due. 

4. Use the dropdown menu to select the type of payment (rent, move-in or miscellaneous).

5. Complete the payment details such as due date, amount, and late fees if applicable. Click submit, then confirm.

Your tenant will receive an email with their payment details. They will need to login to their account to add their bank account details for payments and upload a copy of a voided check. Bank account verification could take up to 1 business day.

Click "Payment History" to view a list of upcoming payments due or a history of transactions. Use the Status Legend for more details on the status of a payment.


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