How to improve your credit score through Rent Perfect

How does Rent Perfect help tenants improve their credit score?

An easy way to improve your credit score and build positive credit history is paying your rent at! Positive payments are automatically reported to the credit bureau, helping improve your credit score over time! Take advantage and ask your landlord to sign up for Rent Perfect's payment platform so you can start building positive credit month after month.


Here are the top 3 Reasons to Pay Rent at!


1. Pay rent without leaving home

No more dealing with old school checks! Pay rent right from your phone using your bank account without ever leaving home.


2. Build positive credit history

Positive Payments are reported to the credit bureau giving you the opportunity to build credit and increase your credit score over time.


3. Avoid late fees

Life gets busy! Get payment reminders to help you pay on time and avoid late fees. Take advantage of recurring payments to guarantee your rent is never late.



Ask your landlord about signing up for Rent Perfect's RentPay platform today!






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