Applicants Without a Valid Social Security Number

What if my applicant does not have a social security number? Can I get a credit and background check even though my applicant does not have a social security number?

If an applicant does not have a Social Security number, they will not have a credit report or address history report available, as these reports are both generated by social security number. Similarly, they will also be unable to complete the identity authentication that is required to use the system, as the security questions are generated based on name and social security number.

Rent Perfect can still complete a basic background investigation if a valid U.S. Address is required, along with their legal name and date of birth.   Keep in mind that since these applicants are unable to complete the online identity authentication, it is up to the landlord to verify their identity by checking a valid photo ID. These reports are not as thorough or accurate as reports generated from the social since we are unable to get a full list of names or address history.


Please call Customer Service for further assistance on how to proceed. 877-922-2547,


Please be aware:

The social security number is a key element used in completig a comprehensive background investigation on your applicants. The social will tell us the names a person has been known by as well as the addresses where they have lived. Having this vitally important information will help us provide you with a more accurate report.


Applicants with the following valid Government issued Visas will not be issued a Social Security Number:

  • Student Visa (ask for proof of enrollment in school)
  • Spousal Visa (must live with spouse who is here on employment or student visa)
  • Fiancé Visa (Must be married within 3 months to a person with valid visa or U.S. citizen)

Applicants with an Employment Visa should have a valid Social Security number which is issued at the same time as the visa.




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