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How do I prepare a lease agreement for a tenant?

 How to Prepare a Rent Perfect Lease Agreement

Important: preparing a lease comes after creating a custom lease template. Click here to learn more about templates.

Use Rent Perfect's Prepare Lease Wizard to generate a digital lease agreement. Then send a signing notification to invite your tenant to view and sign the documents online! 


Before you can prepare a lease follow these steps:

1. Click "My Property" to add a property address to your account. Answer "Yes" when asked if you will prepare a lease for the property.

2. CLick "Send Invite" to invite an applicant to the system. Once a tenant is approved click "Prepare Lease" under their lease information.





Prepare Lease Wizard  

First, go through the Prepare Lease Wizard to generate a preview copy of your lease. Click "Prepare Lease" on the home screen of your account. (You must have a tenant in the system before you can prepare their lease. Click Send Invite to invite them to create their account.)

  • The wizard will start by asking which lease template you wish to use to generate your lease.
  • The wizard will then ask important details for your lease in a step-by-step process, such as lease dates, additional signers and occupants, monthly payment details, move-in payment and security deposit details.
  • Click next after each step to go through the process to complete the fields in the lease template.


 Find the tenant's name and click the button that says "Prepare Lease" found under lease information. You will have the chance to add additional signers and occupants later on.


Generate a Preview Copy

On the final step of the wizard click "Generate Preview Copy" and a preview copy of the lease will open in a new tab. (If the lease does not open in a new tab please try disabling your browser's popup blocker, then try again.)

  **The lease will have a “PREVIEW COPY” watermark until you send a lease signing notification to the tenant(s). This watermark will be removed once you send the signing notification.**


  If you need to finish working on the lease at a later time just click "edit" underneath the tenant's lease information once you log back in.


 Send Lease Signing Notification

Once you are satisfied with your lease the next step is to send the lease signing notification to the tenant(s).


Click "Send for Signature" to send a lease signing notification to the tenant(s). Each signer must log in to their portal to view, initial each page and sign the lease agreement.

You will receive an email notification once a tenant signs the lease. You can also click "view details" underneath the tenant's lease information to check the status.


Landlord Signs the Lease

Once all tenants have signed the lease, now the landlord can sign the lease. Click the button that says "Landlord Signature" then type your name to digitally sign the lease. 




Type your name in the signature field to digitally sign the lease.


View or Print Final Copy of Lease

Click “Signed Lease”  to view, print or download a final copy of the lease. Rent Perfect will store a signed copy of the lease in both the landlord and tenant portals. You can easily access a copy of the lease on your smartphone or computer at any time. 



Changes to the lease:

The landlord only has the ability to make additional changes to lease terms before the landlord signs their part of the lease. Once the landlord signs the lease no additional changes can be made. If the landlord makes changes to the lease terms after the tenant(s) have already signed the lease, the tenant(s) will be required to re-sign the lease to agree to the changes.


Early termination option:

To legally terminate/cancel the lease prior to the lease end dates all parties must agree to sign a lease termination agreement. The landlord must initiate the early termination agreement. To do so they will click "Lease Details" then click the green button that says "Request to Terminate Lease."  Each signer will receive an email asking if they agree to terminate the lease early. Tenant's must log in to their tenant portal to sign the termination agreement.


Lease renewals:

Rent Perfect makes lease renewals a breeze. Simply click the "Renew lease" button when you are within the renewal window. By default the renewal option becomes available within 30 days of the lease end date; however, the lease renewal date may be changed in the property settings. (For example: 60, 90, 120 days before lease end date.) Click "My Property" and click on a property name to manage the renewal settings.



If you have any questions or need assistance send an email to or call customer service at 877-922-2547 and leave a message if necessary to request a call back.

















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