Tenants: How to create a RentPay Account

How can a tenant create a RentPay account to pay rent online?

Are you ready to pay your rent the easy way? Ask your landlord about Online RentPay by Rent Perfect! Your landlord will send you an invite to create a free RentPay account to *pay your rent online with your bank account.  Tenants who created an account to complete the online application and screening process can also use their account to pay rent online. 

• Pay just $3.95 processing fee per payment.

• On-time payments are reported to the credit bureau, allowing you to build positive credit history and improve your credit score.

•Only ACH payments only accepted at this time; debit and credit cards cannot be used for payments.

Once you receive your RentPay Invite, follow these steps to create your free RentPay account:



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