RentPay FAQ

FAQ for Rent Perfect's online payment system.

Rent Payments FAQ

 How can I start collecting rent payments into my bank account?

First, add the property address to your Rent Perfect account. Next, click “My RentPay” or “Apply for RentPay” on the home screen to link your bank account with the payment processing company.

 What paperwork is required for enrollment?

Please be prepared to provide provide following items during the enrollment process. Please watch your emails in case the processing company requests any additional required information from you.

            Copy of ID

            Bank account details for deposited funds

            A voided check with preprinted name of account holder

 What are the fees?

Landlords pay $10 per deposit account, unlimited properties.

Tenants pay $3.95 processing fee per ACH payment.

Credit card payments are unavailable at this time.

 How can my tenant make a payment?

Once the property is enrolled you are ready to receive payments online.

Click My RentPay to request a payment due and setup the payment details for a tenant.

Tenants will log in to their tenant portal at to make a one-time payment or they have the option to set up recurring payments. Tenants must add their bank account details and upload proof of account ownership prior to making a payment.

When will the funds be available?

Once a payment is submitted by a tenant it can take 3-5 business days to become available in the landlord’s bank account.

 How do I look up payment transactions?

Landlords can look up rent pay transactions by clicking “My RentPay” on the home screen of their account, then click "Payment History."

 Will I get an email when my tenant makes a payment?

Yes, the landlord receives an email letting them know their tenant scheduled a payment

 Can tenants make a partial payment?

No, tenants can only pay the total amount due.  If the landlord would like to allow a partial payment they will need to request a new payment due with the new "partial" amount.

 Can the system charge my late fees?

Yes, the landlord will setup the late fee details when they setup a payment.


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