Rent Perfect's Payment Collection Platform: RentPay

Can Rent Perfect help me collect rent each month from my tenants?

Collecting Rent is the fun part of business...Rent Perfect's Online RentPay makes it easier than ever!


Sign up for Rent Perfect's payment collection platform Rentpay to give your tenants a convenient way to pay rent online using their bank account! Tenant's can pay rent without leaving home and build a positive payment history with the credit bureau.


Rent Perfect Online Rentpay:


  • $10 per month for landlords, Unlimited properties.
  • ACH Drafts
  • Low $3.95 processing fee for tenants.
  • Receive funds in 3-5 business days.
  • Landlords will setup the amount due, the monthly due date and late fee charges.
  • NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS ALLOWED! Get the full amount due.
  • Request one time payments for security deposits, move-in fees, and more.
  • Automatic payment reminders and late payment alerts
  • Automatic Monthly ACH drafts available on the same day each month.
  • Positive reporting to the credit bureau.






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