Account Name and Contact Information Helpful Hints

What should I put for my account name? Can I put my LLC for the contact name on my account?

 Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when creating your Account name and decided who should be the contact person on the account.


Account Name

This is the name that will be displayed to your applicant as the person or company who has sent them a request to complete the online application for their rental. Examples: John Doe, Doe Rentals, My Rentals LLC  


Contact Name

This should be the legal name of the contact person who is going to be responsible for the account. In order to activate the account this person will be required to answer security questions that are generated based on their name and SSN. These questions must be answered on the initial login and every 90 days upon login.


 Email Address

The account e-mail address is where order confirmations and report status e-mail notifications will be sent. You will also receive occasional program update announcements. This is also the e-mail address used to correspond with your applicants from within your account. You may update this e-mail in your Account Settings or you may contact customer service for assistance at 877-922-2547.

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