Why Applicants Should Pay the Screening fee.

Why should my applicant pay the screening fee?


Most Rent Perfect landlords opt to have their applicants pay the screening fee. Here are a few ways this seemingly small detail can benefit your application process as a great pre-screening tool.


3 things are accomplished when the applicant pays the fee:

1. It invests the applicant in your property. They are unlikely to move on to a different property once they invest some money applying for yours.

2. It encourages only serious applicants to apply….and weeds out those who are not quite ready. Only serious applicants will pay money to complete your application. Applicants that aren’t quite ready to make a commitment will come back when they are ready.

3. The willingness and ability to pay a small fee is the first sign an applicant can afford to rent your property. If someone is unable to pay a small application fee, it is unlikely they can afford the security deposit or monthly rent.


Always make sure to check your local rules and guidelines for charging application fees.

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