Filling Out the Online Application

Can I fill out the online application for my applicant?

Your applicant should fill out the online application on their own. They can do so at their own convenience using any smartphone, tablet or computer. If needed they can use a phone or computer provided by you.


When they fill out their application they will receive the disclosures required by the credit bureau and accept the terms of use. The applicant is also required to authenticate their identity with the credit bureau by answering four security questions that only they would know.  Once they pass the identity verification they will get a copy of their own credit report and you will get a copy in your own account as well.  The applicant is techincally ordering their own credit report and agreeing to let you have a copy. This new way to get credit on an applicant is a win for everyone involved. By the applicant filling out the application themselves and completing the identity authentication and ordering their own credit we accomplish several things.


1. Now any landlord can get a full credit report on a tenant! No need to have your real estate license or get an expensive inspection to qualify.

2. The tenant can order their own credit report without an inquiry on their credit.

3. Since the applicant is ordering their own credit the landlord does not have to be responsible or liable for ordering another person's credit report.

4. All information is kept in a secure environment. No paper applications with sensitive data floating around.

5. The identity authentication helps verify the applicant is giving valid information and they are who they say they are.




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