Rental History Verification and Employment Verification

Do you offer rental history verification and employment and income verification?

Although Rent Perfect investigators will report verifiable evictions, including current evictions in process on your applicants, we do not currently offer rental history verification from previous landlords or employment verification. We highly recommend the landlord takes the time to do this on their part.

Rental History Verification

We recommend at least two years of rental history verification. If an applicant does not have sufficient rental history you may want to consider extra deposit or a cosigner before approving their application. Due to legal issues these days it can be difficult to get real details about a tenant from their previous landlord. You should still be able to request a rental verification form to be filled out to confirm rental dates at the very least.

Helpful Tip: Does an applicant say they are living with a friend or relative? Use caution, this could be what they want you to think, when in reality they may be in the process of being evicted from somewhere else. Require a utility bill of the property address for proof. A friend or relative will be happy to provide this for them in their search for a new place to live… anything to get them off their couch.


Employment and Income Verification.

If possible look up the employer contact information yourself on the internet. It does no good to talk to a friend posing as an employer to help a friend out. Next, call for verification of employment and start dates. If you want your rent money by the 1st of the month you better hope your tenant has a reliable income source. We also recommend requiring recent paystubs for your file to confirm income. You can check the year to date totals and get a good idea if they can afford your rent. Income requirments are another important factor when setting your rental criteria. Many landlords require their tenants to make three times the amount of the rent in a month. For example, if the rent is $1000 the tenant should make $3000 grose income each month. Of course  you can always make your own requirements based on your property's needs.

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