How to Enroll in Online RentPay

How do I enroll in RentPay to receive payments online?

Eliminate any hurdles for paying rent by offering your tenants the convenience of online rent payments. 

  • Recurring payment options
  • Automatic payment reminders 
  • Automatic late fee charges
  • $10 a month for landlords, unlimited properties.(per bank account setup to receive payments.)
  • $3.95 convenience fee for tenants

Follow these steps to enroll your properties in online rent payments:

1. Log in to your Rent Perfect account.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Apply for Rent Pay"

3. Be prepared to upload a copy of your ID and a voided check.

4. Click "APPLY NOW" to complete the enrollment application. You will need to complete one application per bank account.


It typically takes about 2-3 business days for approval.




  Applying for a RentPayment account is easy and free for landlords. 

Tenants  pay a small convenience fee of just $3.95 per ACH payment.

Landlord pay $10 per deposit account, unlimited properties.





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