RentPay FAQ

Rent Payments FAQ How can I start collecting rent payments into my bank account? First, add the property address to your Rent Perfect account. Next, click “My RentPay” or “Apply for RentPay” on the home screen to link your bank account with the payment processing company. What paperwork is required for enrollment? Please be prepared to provide provide following items during the enrollment [...]

Rent Perfect Online Lease Agreements

How to Prepare a Rent Perfect Lease Agreement Important: preparing a lease comes after creating a custom lease template. Click here to learn more about templates. Use Rent Perfect's Prepare Lease Wizard to generate a digital lease agreement. Then send a signing notification to invite your tenant to view and sign the documents online! Before you can prepare a lease follow these steps: 1. Click [...]

Rent Perfect's Payment Collection Platform: RentPay

Collecting Rent is the fun part of business...Rent Perfect's Online RentPay makes it easier than ever! Sign up for Rent Perfect's payment collection platform Rentpay to give your tenants a convenient way to pay rent online using their bank account! Tenant's can pay rent without leaving home and build a positive payment history with the credit bureau. Rent Perfect Online Rentpay: $10 per [...]

MI-MO Electronic Move-In Move-Out Inspection

Follow these easy steps to initiate and complete the Move-In and Move-out inspecton process with a tenant: STEP 1: Click MIMO on the home screen of your account and find the tenant's name who will complete the move-in inspection. STEP 2: Click the button that says, "Initiate Move-in" and click "Continue." The tenant will receive an email with instructions letting them know they have 5 [...]

Podcast: Ep. 70 ADA, FHA, Assistive Animal, and Reasonable Accommodation clearly explained.

Understanding the law surrounding support and assistive animals is crucial when being an effective and law abiding landlord. David Pickron and Mark Zinman, attorney with Zona Law, discuss some of the specifics you must adhere to when it comes to these situations. 🏠 The Rent Perfect system helps investors become successful "lazy" landlords by managing efficiently with ease, from the initial [...]

Podcast: Ep. 62 Why You Should Be a Landlord P.I.

As a landlord you are required to act like a professional private investigator to make the best decision regarding who has access to your properties. Learn how understanding overall criminal statistics and recidivism rates and how they can impact your investment can make you a better P.I. landlord, on this new episode of the Rent Perfect podcast! Rent Perfect's innovative system helps [...]

Podcast: Ep. 60 This One Thing Makes Being a Landlord Easy

The tenant on-boarding process can be tedious, making landlords prone to committing mistakes. Find out how Rent Perfect's system can help, whether you're the newest or even the most seasoned landlord. Get the details on episode 60 of the Rent Perfect podcast! Watch and Subscribe on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Pandora, [...]

How to improve your credit score through Rent Perfect

An easy way to improve your credit score and build positive credit history is paying your rent at! Positive payments are automatically reported to the credit bureau, helping improve your credit score over time! Take advantage and ask your landlord to sign up for Rent Perfect's payment platform so you can start building positive credit month after month. Here are the top 3 [...]

View, Manage, and Update Your Rental Application

This video shows you how to view, manage, and edit your rental application. Click "My Application" on the home screen of your account to get [...]

How to Create a Custom Lease Template

A lease template is an outline that saves standard, pre-populated lease terms that typically stay the same for every lease. You will provide unique lease details such as dates, rent amount, and deposit amounts using the “Prepare Lease” option in your account once a tenant is approved. Rent Perfect has a standard lease template available to you. We also understand leases can be [...]