How to Enroll in Online RentPay

Eliminate any hurdles for paying rent by offering your tenants the convenience of online rent payments. Recurring payment options Automatic payment reminders Automatic late fee charges $10 a month for landlords, unlimited properties.(per bank account setup to receive payments.) $3.95 convenience fee for tenants Follow these steps to enroll your properties in online rent payments: 1. [...]

How to Create a Custom Lease Template

A lease template is an outline that saves standard, pre-populated lease terms that typically stay the same for every lease. You will provide unique lease details such as dates, rent amount, and deposit amounts using the “Prepare Lease” option in your account once a tenant is approved. Rent Perfect has a standard lease template available to you. We also understand leases can be [...]

View, Manage, and Update Your Rental Application

This video shows you how to view, manage, and edit your rental application. Click "My Application" on the home screen of your account to get [...]

MI-MO Electronic Move-In Move-Out Inspection

Follow these easy steps to initiate and complete the Move-In and Move-out inspecton process with a tenant: STEP 1: Click MIMO on the home screen of your account and find the tenant's name who will complete the move-in inspection. STEP 2: Click the button that says, "Initiate Move-in" and click "Continue." The tenant will receive an email with instructions letting them know they have 5 [...]

Tenant Application Process Video

Check out the video below for a demo of the online application process. Click "My Application" on the home screen of your account to view, manage, or update your own online [...]

Why The Cares Act Seems So Uncaring Towards Everyone by David Pickron

"More than ever we must band together to survive in an environment that has been stacked against us by our legislatures and tenants." Landlords, it’s time we all pay very close attention. A second devastating wave of trouble is thundering towards us and it is imperative that you know how to protect yourselves and your investments. On July 26, 2020, the 120 days of eviction relief [...]

Podcast: Can't Evict? Why Sending a Non-Paying Tenant to Collections Can Save Your Investment

Host David Pickron discusses how during a time of no evictions, collections can be your ultimate solution. Guest Don Darnell from US Collections West adds his professional expertise and insight to this timely conversation. Contact Don at or call 602- [...]

Make Yourself Your Tenants’ Top Priority By David Pickron

Like most of you, when I was in college, funds were tight. Even as an underexperienced money manager, I knew had to prioritize what bills were going to get paid and when. A memory that clearly sticks with me is walking to my car only to discover I had an unplanned expense, a flat tire. After arriving at the tire shop, I added up the cost of four new tires and realized that they were going cost [...]


Collecting Rent is the fun part of business...Rent Perfect's Online RentPay makes it easier than ever! Sign up for Online Rentpay to give your tenants a convenient way to pay rent online using their bank account, without ever leaving their home while building a positive payment history with the credit bureau. Rent Perfect Online Rentpay: $10 per month for landlords, Unlimited [...]

Will you be ready when the eviction moratorium ends? Expert landlord tips for what’s next.

How can landlords prepare for the inevitable end to the eviction moratorium? Check out the Rent Perfect podcast where our expert hosts discuss 3 scenarios to consider and prepare [...]